Tokyo Local

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After we closed chotto, we were approached by Smith Street Books to write a cookbook on Tokyo. The brief was to write a book exploring what modern Tokyoites eat (the answer, as we found in Tokyo, was avocado), and while we could have written it from memory, we took it as a sign that we should make a quick, unplanned trip there (any reason really!).

The result is within the colourful, 223 pages of this book, which contains over 70 recipes. Part travelogue, part cookbook, and part culinary history, it covers traditional favourites such as the breakfast we served at chotto (sakana gozen) to oyakodon, gyudon and soba.

But we didn't want to just haul out the usual suspects. We've covered yoshoku too - Japan's take on western cuisine - from omuraisu, mentaiko and uni pasta, to yakisoba pan, kare pan, recipes inspired by Tokyo's Japanese-French patisseries and ex-sushi chefs who've opened up their own casual thing. 

We're not going to give it all away here, but we do hope you enjoy reading this book as much as we've enjoyed writing it. We've kept it truly Tokyo-centric (no takoyaki or okonomiyaki), so you'll find dishes such as abura soba and monjayaki, including a sweet potato tart inspired by a side trip to Kawagoe (half an hour from Ikebukuro via train, and a place we highly recommend).

For more information on where we get our knives in Japan and Melbourne, as well as snippets from Japan and cooking techniques, please visit our blog.

Happy reading!