Chotto's future, Part II: July 2017

So much has happened since we last wrote about chotto's future.

We have a liquor license! We are starting dinners on Friday July 7!

But most overwhelming of all has been the show of support and heartfelt words of encouragement we have received. 

When we made the announcement, we weren't sure what the reaction would be. It was after all, our personal struggle, our battles to conquer and (hopefully) win. But we felt we had to explain what was happening (so we didn't suddenly one day vanish). Starting up a small cafe / restaurant with no partners / investors and lean profit margins is not easy. We have great respect for those who have made it.

We do wonder, however, how so many cafes and restaurants open these days with expensive fit-outs. That step that we need to take - to upgrade to a commercial kitchen (chef's wish list!) and get nicer furniture (my wish list!) is perhaps the step that is the most challenging. 

That aside, we wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everybody who has supported us in so many ways; from attending our workshops, to inviting us to cook in their home (big leap of faith!), to booking our Preview Dinners and Inaka Feasts. We want to thank you, for your kind, kind words of support and encouragement, whether that was said in person when you came to dine with us, or texted, emailed and messaged to us through Instagram and Facebook.

We know almost all of you drive to us every week, if not every second week, from all over. And we are so grateful that you do this! 

At the moment, we are still undecided as to whether we will keep chotto open beyond August 6. We always gave ourselves a year with chotto, and almost a year it has been!

We will open for dinner throughout July, and are currently exploring how we can (hopefully) bring you the next thing.

We love our site in Fitzroy, but we realise that from an infrastructure perspective, a lot needs to be done to turn it into what it needs to be. We are also forever limited to 18 seats (or disability regulations requiring ramps kick in), so this site is likely not to be the permanent home of chotto, or Kinome (our restaurant), if it ever comes to be.